The first eletrocnic Journal of Otolaryngology of the world
ISSN 1516-1528

Year: 2012  Vol. 16   Num. Suppl. 1  - - (18º)
DOI: 10.7162/S1809-9777201200S1C-018
Esteban Espínola Duarte, Jorge Arias, Hernán Ortiz, Adriana Ferreira, Jose Quiroz

Tumors of the nasal cavity and sinuses paranasales cause diagnostic and therapeutic problems because of their anatomical location. Tumors are difficult to set limits clearly, that together with the anatomical complexity of the original area that is also difficult to complete its removal. Retrospectively analyzed patients with malignant tumors of the nose and cavities paranasales diagnosed in our department during the past six years. 22 cases were assembled. We excluded five cases that did not have pathological confirmation and did not participate in the postoperative controls. Objective: To determine causes and problems in diagnosis and treatment. RESULTS: Histology highlighted the squamous carcinomes (41%) and melanomas (17%). Regarding the place of origin, 53% started in the nasal cavities, 41% of sine jaw and the rest 6% in the ethmoid. At the time of diagnosis 75% of patients had tumors in advanced stages. And 88% of patients were treated surgically. There were no intraoperative deaths. Complications were minimal. The recurrence has so far been all locoregional, presented in 29%.


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